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First of all, on behalf of CAPC, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the persistent effort and support from all of our colleagues and friends both at home and abroad.

After 16years unremitting endeavor, CAPC has not only become a platform for economic and technical exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada in the areas of oil and gas, but a window for seamless cooperation, friendly partnership and development of bilateral trade.

CNPC is the largest oil and gas company in China and ranks the top 10th petroleum company and among 50 enterprises in the world. And Alberta, as the largest province in the field of energy in Canada, ranks second largest in the terms of global proven crude oil reserves, especially with its vast reserve of oil sands, and the advanced technology for the development of this resource. Cooperation between CNPC and Alberta has great potential. Moreover CNPC and Alberta are highly complementary in terms of energy exploration and technical cooperation. Along with more and more agreements reached between China and Canada in the field of energy, CAPC’s role become more and more outstanding.

The board members of CAPC are from the main oil field enterprises and refining & chemical enterprises in China who are affiliated to CNPC and SINOPEC as well as Ministry of Alberta Economic Development and private Alberta petroleum companies. A number of well-know experts both at home and abroad have been invited for the technical cooperation between CAPC and many international science and technology research institutes in the petroleum sector. Simultaneously, thanks to 16 years international operation, CAPC has accumulated valuable experiences in the field of holding technical exchanges and training, seminars and forums, and conferences and exhibitions. Backed up by numerous international training, technical and information exchanges and cooperation.

With Statement on Energy Cooperation in the 21st Century jointly issued by China and Canada as well as China Energy Strategy in the 21st Century implemented in China, CAPC will embrace another excellent opportunity for future development and will make continuing efforts to expedite China-Canada cooperation in the petroleum sector and facilitate more Chinese petroleum companies’ in the international market.

Centering on China-Canada cooperation in the petroleum sector, CAPC is well equipped and fully confident to make more contribution in terms of expanding economic cooperation between China and Canada, and further developing a cooperative partnership with other nations in the world.

I’m looking forward to a most prosperous future of CAPC.

                                                   Chairman of CAPC Board.